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At Peak Wellness, we believe that it's okay to put yourself first. When you do, everything else falls into place. Let our health coach work with you to break down the barriers that are holding you back from being happy and healthy. This program isn't about just focusing on what you put on your plate. We focus on the importance of "primary foods" which can include healthy relationships, regular physical activity, a fulfilling career, and spiritual practice. When primary food is balanced and satiated, your life feeds you, making what you eat secondary.

With our 3 or 6 month programs we work together to define what your goals are, and put systems in place to hold you accountable.

Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation with our health coach today. Our health coaching sessions can be done in a relaxing environment in our studio or remotely.

Why work with our health coach Sarah Kenney?

I've experienced burnout and lived in the "fight or flight" mode for more years than I would like to admit. I pushed myself hard in every aspect of my life. It finally caught up with me and my health started to really suffer. I was exhausted and unsure of how to turn things around. I found out about the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became a health coach to first heal myself, and through the process I realized my true passion was to help others overcome obstacles that are holding them back. Reach out today and schedule your free 30-minute consultation.